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      1. 泰安市岱峰管道工程有限公司成立于2003年,是由泰山工程機械股份有限公司控股成立的管道施工企業。岱峰管道公司信守“品質至上、信譽至上、竭誠為廣大客戶服務”的核心理念,堅持“用誠信鑄就豐碑”的品牌價值觀,積極學習經驗、大膽創新施工技術,為企業發展注入新的活力。

        公司具有石油化工工程施工總承包壹級、市政公用工程總承包叁級、防水防腐保溫工程貳級等建筑業資質,已取得特種設備安裝維修改造許可(長輸管道GA1乙級、公用管道GB1)資質,并取得ISO9001、ISO14001、OHS18001三體系認證資格。是中石油集團二級分包商,并已獲得中石油天然氣管道局市場準入、中石化工程建設市場資源庫成員、中國石油川慶鉆探工程公司市場準入、遼河油田勘探局簽約主體資格等。 公司從業人員306人,其中技術人員57人,高級職稱人員19人,中級職稱人員38人,其中高級技師(含高級機械師)15人,75%具有大專以上學歷。

        公司擁有DDW6000、DDW5000、XZ2860Plus2臺、DDW3000、DD330、DDW1200  DDW900、DDW600、XZ450Plus、XZ320D鉆機等多種型號非開挖配套設備,及2000T/次夯管錘、500噸滑輪組等夯管錘機組工程搶險設備,并有吊管機、移動電站、半自動電焊機、防腐設備、試壓清掃設備多臺套施工設備,具備長輸管線及城市管網和閥室、站場安裝的施工能力。





        Tai'an DaiFeng Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd, which was established in 2003, is a professional pipeline construction company owned by Taishan Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. This company abides by the core ideas of Quality First, Reputation First and Dedicated to all the Customers, sticks to the brand value of Integrity Cast Monument, studies hard for the advanced experience, bravely innovates the construction technology and injects new vitality into the company development.

        This company has the construction industry qualifications of class-II petrochemical engineering construction primary contracting, class-III municipal public project general contracting and class-II waterproof anticorrosion heat-preservation project, which has obtained the qualification of special equipment installation and maintenance license (long-distance pipeline GA1 grade B, public pipeline GB1). Besides, this company has obtained the system certification qualifications of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHS18001, which is the secondary sub-contractor of CNPC. Moreover, this company has gained the market access of China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, market access of Petrochina is the member of Sinopec engineering construction market resource library, Petrochina Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Company, contract subject qualification of Liaohe Oilfield Exploration Administration, etc. This company has 306 employees, of which the number of professionals is 57, the title of senior professional post is 19, medium-grade professional title is 38, the number of senior technicians is (including senior machinist) 15, and 75% of them have college degree or above.

        This company has many kinds of trenchless professional complete sets of equipments, for example, DDW6000  DDW5000 XZ2860Plus  DDW3000  DD330  DDW1200  DDW900  DDW600 XZ450Plus XZ320Dand 2000T/time hammer tamping tubeand, 500T pulley block for pipe rammer units of project rescue equipments, and there are also equipped with pipelayer, mobile power station, semi-automatic electric welder, antiseptic equipment, pressure testing and cleaning sets of advanced construction equipment, meanwhile, provided with long-distance pipelines, city pipe network and the valve chest and station installation .

        Over the last 16years, the total length of long-distance pipeline installed and drilled by this company is about 700   kilometers, and had a hand in the national major construction projects such as the Yangtse River, Yellow River, and other large, middle and small river crossing engineering, the second-line of West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project, the third-line of West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project, Shanxi-Beijing second and third line project, Sichuan-East Natural Gas Transmission Project and other key projects of national. This company accomplished the remarkable pipeline installation project that is  favorable to the people of Xinjiang, and Shanghai Baosteel gas transmission project. This company is a highly qualified construction team with a rich construction experience and superb technical qualification.

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